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Driving Tesla Cars Into Long-Range Innovation

With all the chaos in the world today, there may come a time when we can’t rely on oil and gas. It may simply become too expensive for the average consumer. That’s where electric car innovation comes to the rescue. Almost every vehicle manufacturer today has their own version of the electric car, though many only offer hybrids—a combination of electric and gas. Tesla is one car manufacturer that focuses on attractive but functional electric cars.

Tesla believes that one day they can charge up a vehicle and have it last for an entire month’s driving. Right now the electric car is limited to driving within one’s hometown, for fear of running out of juice. There are many electric charging stations popping up around bigger cities, but that’s happening too slowly for the electric car enthusiast. One great Tesla model comes in bright red: the Tesla Model S. This is from their luxury line which costs over $70,000 and up to $100,000 depending on added features.

Nissan Leaf

Tesla has its R&D Labs where it’s developing new battery technology. Their car batteries must be rechargeable, and not lose power over time, which has plagued almost every device such as cellphones and computers, which require a whole new battery replacement every few years. Tesla certainly seems to be one car manufacturer on top of things.  Tesla is in competition with Nissan. Right now Nissan has its Leaf car. The Model S can drive out to a range of 265 miles, while the Leaf can make it to only 75 miles. while 265 is impressive, it raises concerns for drivers who may wish to go on cross-country journeys, but may be at wit’s end trying to figure out where to charge up their vehicles for the long trip home. Nissan does have an edge on the Model S though as its Leaf only costs $30,000 to $35,000, which is more in line with the average North American vehicle.

Tesla Model S

It’s Tesla’s goal to create a network of charging stations throughout the country. One half hour charge could give 200 miles of driving. Right now it can take an overnight charge to charge up a vehicle. Once again, taking your electric car across the country may prove difficult trying to find a spot where the property owner will not only allow you to plug in, but for several hours at a time. It’s definitely an advantage not to have to fill up at a gas station, nor to pay for escalating fuel costs. Right now charging stations only cost a few dollars. There’s also the additional benefit that electric vehicles emit no pollution. Electric motors utilize fewer parts too, and they’re more easily maintained. It will be exciting to see how electric car manufacturers cover the two major challenges today: cost and range. Once costs are brought down, more people will be willing to buy an electric car. And the more vehicles on the road, the more public charging stations there will be on offer.